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You know how frustrating it is to fire up any current comics app on the iPad or iPhone and browse through the “New” comics, only to find things that came out years and years ago? The revolution is now, comic publishers, and we want our current run issues on our electronic devices now. Here’s what we found in a quick review of titles that were “New” on February 9, 2011. This is a list of the ones that actually were new in print at the same time:

Deus Ex #1
Justice League Generation Lost #19

That’s out of a list of 30 “New” comics in the DC comic store, powered by comiXology.

Marvel has a total number of 42 comics listed in the February 15, 2011 “New” section in their own comiXology app. Not ONE of them is actually a current issue comparable to the print comics we can find in a comics store.

Let’s also notice that all these comics labeled “new” that are indeed NOT new are retailing for $1.99 to $2.99, depending on how old they actually are. Why would I buy a $3 comic from 2006 when I can spend the same amount in a comic shop getting the current stories from the artists and writers that I want?

The sad fact is that both of these major comic publishers have only chosen to dip their feet into the digital comics world. I’m betting they aren’t seeing much in the way of returns. I hope that doesn’t stop them from re-thinking their current issue practices. I understand that they want to charge $3 an issue. I’m ok with that. I’m willing to pay $3 an issue, but I want to be able to do it on my iPad or my computer. I don’t want my home to be full of plastic tubs full of printed comics anymore. I want the same comics that are available to my local comics shop to be available to me in my comics app. There will still be similar numbers of people buying paper comics, because they’re the collectors anyway. Let those of us who want to go digital actually. GO. DIGITAL.

‘Nuff said.


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Rob first experienced the joy of comics on the playground in elementary school, where his friend read Galactus' dialogue as, "Punny Humans!" He got the collector's itch right after Superman died in the 1990s and has been buying them often ever since, wondering if he'll ever sell any of them after all. A gadget and gaming enthusiast, Rob spends his off time with family, a disco band, and two other websites. Whew.

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