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Game Time: City of Heroes: Going Rogue (PC)

In any MMO, the player may come to dislike something about their character (toon, avatar, etc…) well my character Funky Sunshine suffered this and got little play from me. I loved his background. Who could not love a 20 something young man, trained in the martial arts, who rebelled against his evil teacher, and sacrificed himself and be thought dead. Why would anyone not love a fellow who was not dead as thought in 1977, but just transported through time and had a massive Afro and mustache? Well the answers are me and his power set. A level 30 character was a good deal of work in CoH when I made Funky and played him more, but I just did not like the martial arts power set for a Scrapper. I loved his look and made a hard decision, Funky had to go.

President of the George Clinton Fan Club

Thanks to Going Rogue, Funky got to come back as a heroic Brute. I also replaced his Martial Arts powers with Kinetic Melee. The new class with the new power set proved to be much more to my liking and I am happy to report I enjoy playing him again and the Funk lives on. For you MMO players out there, have any of you ever deleted a character that you put a lot of time into and why?

Game Time: Assassin’s Creed 2(Xbox 360)

“I can see Uncle Mario from here.”

What a joy I had starting up Assassin’s Creed 2(AC2)!  Ubisoft put out one heck of a sequel to the original Assassin’s Creed. The fact that they started out with a re-cap of the events of the first game was a delight and got me back into the world of Assassins and Templars and free-running, oh my. The little touches like the database added a little extra cream on top of the package that a geek like me really enjoys. Also to a geek like me, the leap of faith could not get old. Over a two week period I played AC 2 and did not find myself doing anything too bizarre other than the way I dealt with the vile and annoying lute players (more on how to handle them in a future installment).  Since this is not a review, but a musing, I will just say it should be clear I cannot recommend this more and love the way the storyline progressed throughout. I will, however give some insight into the Achievements on AC2, because I did let my OCD take over and 100% this game. Oh yeah.

Mine has no blade, instead Scotch flavored Pez.

To be fair, most of the Achievements  were earned for completing the storyline / game. So I won’t be going into those. In my opinion, this is how most game’s points should be doled out. Instead of the random madness that I have seen elsewhere. I am not talking Dead Rising 2 here, because I will fight you if you try and knock that. Most of that game is devised for Achievement whores like me….I digress.

  • Tip of the Iceberg – If a player cannot get this they are not trying.
  • A piece of the Puzzle – Again, no trying if this is not achieved and the start of a really cool storyline.
  • Myth Maker – If finding some statues in your base of operations is too much and the extra money you get is a problem, then play something else.
  • Art Connoisseur – Again if players have no interest in buying a couple of paintings, peace out.
  • Handy Man – Now I feel like a broken record (or glitched mp3); if the players cannot renovate some buildings for Mario, psssh.
  • Podesta of Montergeriggionin – Now the casual players can be separated from those that love the game. Build build build!
  • Victory Lies in Preparation – The only hard thing about getting this was completing all of the Altair Quests.
  • Vitruvian Man – I would lie if I did not admit to using some online guides to find all of the glyphs and puzzle solutions, but it was well worth it to expand the story. In my mind, one of the most important things to do in the game.
  • In Memory of Petruccio – This took some time and is a dumb thing to do unless you must 100% and like capes.
  • Show Your Colors – See above….
  • I Like The View – Just playing should yield this one.
  • Fly Swatter – This would have infuriated me if I had not read about it in the first place. Its not a hard thing to do, but players must realize in advance to kick someone while hang gliding.
  • Sweeper – This dumb Achievement took me a while to gather the guards and a big weapon to hit them with.
  • No-Hitter – Smoke Bombs and timing.
  • Messer Sandman – Rub dirt in it, just try and attack unarmed.
  • Doctor – A favorite, come on who does not like poison and killin’?
  • Red Light Addict – Easy; spend the florins on the pros from Dover.
  • Street Cleaner – I call this, stinky hay stack… and its simple.
  • Perfect Harmony is a dumb Achievement, just buy everything and the player will stumble onto it.
  • Kleptomaniac – Steal.
  • Man of the People…lead to a future story for me to tell…..
  • Assassin For Hire – Another that you you will not get if you just are playing storyline missions.
  • Steal Home – I hate race missions.
  • Lightning Strike – Run. Dumb.
  • Macho Man – Do a beat up mission you dunce, its fun.
  • High Dive – COME ON! Jump off of the tall building; can you see why I got 100%?

TV Time: Young Justice

In case this is your first time reading, I like comics and especially tv animated shows based on comics. The animation on this show is great, especially for a weekly show. “Downtime” was no different. At first this episode made me think their Aqualad was The Little Mermaid. Since he was a Mer-person whom gave up everything to be on the surface. Instead of a re-cap here are some Pros and Cons, which might get you to watch or avoid Young Justice.

Look how happy he is with his hand.


  • They made up an Atlantean Language and subtitled it
  • Service paid to long time fans, by including Garth, Mera and Tula
  • Batman seemed to be very much the Bruce Wayne of Batman, Inc. in terms of his attitude towards Robin
  • The Flash family
  • “I summon the power of the Tempest!”
  • Aqualad’s powers can seemingly do what ever the writers need them to do
  • Miss Martian as a telekinetic
  • Advertisements for The Clone Wars(just FYI, I cannot stand this commercial for Star Wars toys, and its Mary Sue fan fiction style; I am looking at you – Invented Padawan!)
  • ….The Clone Wars….

Next time: More on my Italian adventures, WWE All-stars, Steel City Convention, THINGS!


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