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The Walking Dead TPB Collections Digitally Half Off

If you haven’t been under a rock, you know about The Walking Dead and the huge success it’s had. If you are a reader of this site, you know we are huge fans of both the comic (by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn) and the TV show on AMC. That makes today your lucky day, as Volumes 1 – 11 are on sale for $6 per collection, a savings of 50%. Get over to comiXology and download these bad boys for 1/3 less than you would buy them in a store, and save the planet at the same time (less dead trees). Sale lasts through 11 pm EST March 8, 2011, so get your undead asses moving!

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The L’il Depressed Boy Issue 1 Review

I went to my local comics shop today, found out that they wouldn’t table the new stuff until tomorrow actual, and saw this comic. It spoke to me. Soft tones, a puppet headed boy, the apostrophe in the title. A cute little slice of life story? Yes, please. From Image Comics? Indeed!

So, story? Young man, somewhat depressed, ennui-filled, sets out to be less depressed, get out of the house, be less isolative. He heads to the diner to meet a buddy who he used to play Rockband with. Girl sitting next to them starts talking to LDB (yes, that’s what his buddy calls him) about video games, etc. He moves on, heads to laundromat the next day, she is there as well. They start talking, she sets up a date with him for a later evening at a Kepi Ghoulie concert. He’s smitten.

The joy in this issue is the artwork – it’s gentle, calming, even colored in neutral earthtones. LDB looks like a puppet or sackboy, but is definitely like many young men (and women) I’ve known over the years – sad, lonely, not sure what to do about it, intensely interested in music, poetry, videogames, etc, but somewhat isolated by the very same interests. There’s a fantastic scene after he’s been invited to Kepi Ghoulie’s show where he heads home, excited, and throws on a Kepi Ghoulie T-Shirt. He stares in the mirror, looks angry, and changes his shirt for a Devo one. If you can’t relate to that, you may not get much of this book. It’s moments like that – subtle, quiet, and full of unspoken story – that make this a book I plan on reading more of.

While it’s hard for me to believe that this girl just randomly meets this depressed little puppety boy and asks him out, I find the whole thing so charming, so utterly gentle and calming, that I’m willing to let it go. Written and colored by S. Steven Struble and pencilled and inked by Sina Grace, The Li’l Depressed boy #1 is an impressive debut from what seems to be a team to watch.

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Strange Girl Limited Edition Impressions

Strange Girl Limited Edition Impressions

Just like a kid addicted to crack, I ordered up the Strange Girl Limited Edition. When I saw that this collection was going to be in limited quantities, I ran to the trusty Amazon website and ordered up a copy. I then got to sit and wait for what was weeks on end to finally get my copy. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, my graphical fix showed up at my door.

So, was it worth the wait. It sure was. There are four trade paperbacks in a nice slip cover. Each paperback has a decent amount of weight to it. The covers are of a decent thickness and have a waxy coating on them. Overall the four paperbacks speak to the virtues of limited edition.

The slipcase itself is nice. Not super model in a bikini washing my car nice, but nicer than other slipcases I have in my possession. It is thick and carries the same waxy coating that the paperbacks do. There is a pretty sweet piece of art from Michael Kaluta on that back. This artwork also bears an original signature! Yep, I sat here for ten minutes just to try and verify that the signature really was in black sharpie ink and not just cheaply printed on.

The only issues I really have with this limited edition slipcase is there appear to be some scuff on the case itself. Now wether this is due to Amazon or Image I cannot say. If the slipcase were in black I probably would not have even noticed the scuff. This is not the case and the markings are clearly visible. There also appears to be a bit of a ding in one of the corners as well. Overall, it is in good shape though.

So is this really worth the MSRP of $49.99? If you are a Strange Girl fan you can bet your ass it is. The overall quality of the whole package is exceptional. The paperback are of a higher quality than normal paperbacks. The slipcase is pretty solid and should do a fine job of protecting the pot of gold inside it. The signed artwork is like a sweet nugget center to the whole deal. Do some shopping around as this can be found for less than the MSRP.

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Monday’s Picks [5/31/10]

For those on the fence about where to spend their comic dollar.


For those that have been reading this book from the beginning, it’s pay off time.  We get to see the actual Viltrumite War begin, and Invincible fighting along side his Father (go back and read the first few arcs and you see how bizarre this now is).  The book is good fun and with a rematch with Conquest, it also promises to be bloody.

Sweet Tooth #10

Even though this book is another in the long line of Post-Apocalyptic tales, Sweet-Tooth is really a mystery against this backdrop, and with the Deer-boy close to becoming a victim of vivisection, we seem close to learning about where Sweet-Tooth came from.   Get on board with writer Jeff Lemire now, before everyone starts riding him as the new writer of Superboy (Conner Kent).

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Monday’s Picks [5-17-10]

A few books that should ship this Wednesday (5/19/10) that you should think about adding to your pull list:

American Vampire #3 (Scott Snyder, Stephen King, Rafael Alburquerque)

Combining two genres, Vampires and the Old West, was a stroke of genius and by splitting the story about Skinner Sweet into two timeframes, the narrative of the two stories is woven into a larger tale.  Both Snyder and King are in top form and Rafael is putting his ankle in it when it comes to art duty.  Definitely a book to read the same week Red Dead Redemption comes out.

The Walking Dead #72 (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard)

In keeping with this horror theme, we have the preeminent zombie book here again.  This arc focuses on putting this extremelywounded (both physically and mentally) group in a ‘normal’ setting and the build up to the pay off should be worth it.

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Wednesday’s Loot [4-28-10]

Some random thoughts on some books I bought.

Thor #609

I picked up the Iron Man By Design variant which says “Iron Man does not appear in this Issue” on the back.  Neither does Thor.  Much like Gillen’s ‘Loki’ one-shot, he shows a deft touch and dealing with the god of mischief and finally resolving story arcs set up by JMS.  Recent previews have shown the Fractions debut on Thor has been pushed by a an issue or two, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Walking Dead #71

Again, I have to heap more praise on this book.  Kirkman delivers a pretty wicked twist and not one zombie appears in the issue.  Evil really is in the eye of the beholder and we finally enter a phase were we get a new perspective on the crew we’ve been following and  just what sort of toll these people have paid.  For the first time you realize just how deeply affected Rick and his son really are, and it’s a brutal scene.  TWD is easily my second favorite title after Scalped, do yourself a favor and don’t miss this issue.

Iron Man #25

As much as I love what Matt Fraction did with this volume of Invincible Iron Man, it seems a bit odd that what took several issues to undo is practically redone in a few pages.  Worse, the best part, the new armor (Mark MMXVIII?) is all a ‘secret’, Tony just has an epiphany and rolls to Reed Richard’s lab and now has Super Extremis Armor, but we are invited to keep reading to see all the new capabilities of the armor.  As a huge Iron Man fan, new armor is something you look forward to, and I feel shortchanged on what we are given in this oversized issue.  Stark’s new company direction (I like the fact that Stark turns down an Asgardian bail-out) harkens back to the Circuit Maximus days and the whole issue feels like an homage to the late 80′s Invincible.  Hopefully, Fraction is only using some of these rehashed beats to set the table before he sets off in a new and fresh direction.

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Image Releases For 03/17/2010

Image Releases For 03/17/2010

Here are your Image Releases for the week.  Mmmm, Choker #2!

CHOKER #2 (of 6) $3.99
DEAD @ 17: THE WITCH QUEEN #1 (of 4) $2.99
FADE TO BLACK #1 (of 5) $3.50
HAUNT, VOL. 1 TP $9.99

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Image Releases for 03/10/2010

Image Releases for 03/10/2010

Here are your offerings from Image this week.  As a special note, while browsing retailer sites we found the Image release list differs from what retailers are saying is hitting stores this week.  So who is right, Image or retailers?  Guess we will know this Wednesday.


  • Elephantmen #24, $3.50
  • Fallout Toy Works #4 (of 5), $3.99
  • Jack’s Knack: Book Three of The Blue Forest Series HC, $12.99
  • Orc Stain #3, $2.99
  • Savage Dragon #158, $3.50
  • The Walking Dead #71, $2.99


  • Cyberforce Hunter Killer #5 (of 5)(Cover A Kenneth Rocafort), $2.99
  • Cyberforce Hunter Killer #5 (of 5)(Cover B David Finch), $2.99
  • Cyberforce Hunter Killer #5 (of 5)(Kenneth Rocafort Sketch Cover), AR
  • Elephantmen #24, $3.50
  • Jersey Gods #11, $3.50
  • Kabuki Volume 1 Circle Of Blood TP (New Printing), $19.99
  • Savage Dragon #158, $3.50

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Comixology iPhone Releases 2-25-10

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means! Gummy Bears! Oh, and also? Comixology releases a ton of new issues to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Also, don’t forget to download the latest Comics App, version 1.4, for a better comics reading experience.

New Series

  • The Immortal Iron Fist #13-14
  • Oz: The Manga #1-3
  • Nexus: The Origin #1
  • Black Vault #1
  • Se7en: Gluttony #1
  • Dragon Arms #1
  • BloodRayne: Dark Soul #1
  • Crozonia #1

New issues from Marvel

  • The Incredible Hulk #s 82-86
  • Runaways #s 10-12
  • Teenage Wasteland: Conclusion!
  • X-Men #s 165-167
  • Hark How the Bells!
  • New X-Men #s 28-30
  • “NIMROD” Part 1 (of 4)
  • 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #3-4
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #s 12-13

New Issues

  • The Walking Dead #s 46-48
  • Invincible #s 43-45
  • The Blade of Kumori #s 4-5
  • Impaler Vol. 2 #2
  • Warlock #s 3-4

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Staff Pick Mondays 2/22/10

Staff Pick Mondays 2/22/10

Mike’s Picks

Unknown Soldier #17

Vertigo is sort of like the AMC of comics, not a lot of shows, but what is there is high quality.   Unknown Soldier is no different.  Forget the capes and powers for a second and allow yourself to be entertained with gritty, pulpy drama while learning a thing or two about the world.  Josh Dysart has immersed himself in this conflict to bring you a story you won’t forget.

Secret Warriors #13

Jonathan Hickman has been doing a great job of reintroducing Nick Fury and Hydra post-Secret Invasion into the Marvel U.  Nick Fury has always been one of my favorite characters, and his sparse use has elevated him to a legend.  Hickman, and his reputation for attention to detail, is in full effect here.  Stefano Caselli on pencils doesn’t hurt either.  He is a strong talent who is a perfect fit for the material.

Rob’s Picks

The Walking Dead 70

This is the most consistently great comic I have read in a long time. Whether you have read Kirkman’s other work or not, this is his magnum opus. publisher Image comics says, “Behind these walls everyone has their place; everyone has their job. There is no danger, there are no threats… everyone has hope. Will it last?” The cover shows us a melancholy foreboding, a sense of dread just under the surface of the quiet suburban town. I can’t wait.

Usagi Yojimbo 126

Curious about the rabbit ninja and this long-running comic? This might be the perfect place to jump in: “The rabbit ronin faces a terrifying creature from Japanese mythology in this creepy, self-contained story! Nukekubi are supernatural monsters that take the form of normal humans during the day, but at night can detach their heads to attack their unsuspecting prey.” The cover and subject matter alone make me want to grab this book right up.

Chris’s Picks

Avengers: The Initiative #33

This has been a pretty great series so far.  I am not usually an Avengers fan, but this Civil War story has been highly addictive.  I am really looking forward to seeing how the resistance handles taking on camp H.A.M.M.E.R..

Strange Girl: Limited Edition Complete Series

This is a great apocalyptic type series.  This series took on many questions of religion, while delivering a great story set in a dark time.  Keep an open mind and follow this awesome twisting tale down the rabit hole.  This is the series that started the careers of greats like Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen.  Snag this if you see it as only 1000 limited editions will be printed!

Tyler’s Picks

Flash: Rebirth #6

For a book about the Speed Force and the Fastest Man Alive, it feels like it has taken a year for this puppy to wrap up. And in fact, it nearly has. The first issue came out in April of last year. Whether it was the meticulous work of Ethan van Scriver or Geoff Johns forgot which story he was trying to tell between this and Blackest Night (in which Barry Allen is a significant participant), this book has as much energy and pulpiness as can possibly fit underneath the yellow boots.

The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade: The 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition (HC)

There isn’t a point in me pimping this book. Go and buy it you ninny. If you don’t know Gabe and Tycho, or the men behind their justified sense of gaming hubris, then you know nothing. Vapid little mindflayer that you are.

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